Germany – Franco-German Cross-Border Cooperation Committee (23 December 2020)


The Franco-German Cross-Border Cooperation Committee (CCT) is to make its secretariat operational on 1 January 2021. Based in Kehl and led by Cathrin Gräber for Germany and Vincent Muller for France, its remit will be to assist the Committee, whose meetings take place mainly in Strasbourg.

The Franco-German Cross-Border Cooperation Committee, created by virtue of the Treaty of Aachen on Franco-German Cooperation and Integration, aims to support and strengthen border cooperation by providing concrete solutions to the difficulties which inhabitants of the border regions may encounter in their daily lives due to differences between the French and Germa legal systems, particulary on the issues of transport, employment, health and development. It is made up of State representatives, local authorities on the border (the border Länder on the German side and France’s Grand Est region and border departments, particularly Eurodistricts) and members of parliament from the two countries.