Germany - “Echoes of France” and “Jazzahead!” trade show (Bremen, April 9-26, 2015)


France is the country of honor at the 10th edition of the Jazzahead! trade show in Bremen from April 23-26. Considered Europe’s largest professional gathering focused on jazz and improvisational music, this show welcomes more than 3,000 participants each year.

Ahead of this event, the multidisciplinary “Echoes of France” festival, running from April 9 to 23 with the support of Bremen’s Institut français, will present various facets of French culture in the fields of dance, theater, film and literature. Opening day performances will feature singer Emily Loiseau, trumpet player Erik Truffaz and the hip-hop dancers of “Black, blanc, beur.”

Jazzahead! will recognize the importance of French jazz, with more than 100 artists featured in 20 concerts for the general public and music professionals.

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