Franco-German Prize for Human Rights and the Rule of Law – Joint statement by Jean-Marc Ayrault, and Frank-Walter Steinmeier (Paris, 1 December 2016)


The Chinese human rights lawyer Li Heping has been in detention for 15 months for his work as a lawyer and his commitment to human and civil rights.

We call on the Chinese government to release Li Heping immediately, in accordance with the rule of law, as set out in the Chinese constitution, and the principle that lawyers must be able to defend their clients without hindrance.

Today we awarded the Franco-German Human Rights Prize to Li Heping’s wife, Wang Qiaoling, for her tireless dedication to representing the families of lawyers and activists held in China.

The 15 winners of the Franco-German Human Rights Prize are:

  • Tahmima Rahman (Bangladesh)
  • Oleg Gulak (Belarus)
  • Maria da Penha (Brazil)
  • Thun Saray (Cambodia)
  • Maximilienne Ngo Mbe (Cameroon)
  • Beverley K. Jacobs (Canada)
  • Wang Qiaoling (China)
  • Montserrat Solano Carboni (Costa Rica)
  • Sunitha Krishnan (India)
  • Mary Lawlor (Ireland)
  • Pietro Bartolo (Italy)
  • Eva Abu Halaweh (Jordan)
  • Sarah Belal (Pakistan)
  • Valentina Cherevatenko (Russia)
  • Jacqueline Moudeina (Chad)
  • “Special prize” to the White Helmets (Syria)