Democratic Republic of Congo – Political situation (December 19, 2016)


While President Kabila’s constitutional term of office is drawing to a close, France expresses its deep concern.

It calls on all parties to reject violence and to seek a peaceful solution to the current political crisis.

We support the continued efforts of the National Episcopal Conference of Congo (CENCO) to reach an inclusive agreement that will make it possible to hold elections as swiftly as possible and organize the transition to that end. We call on all parties to cooperate with CENCO.

We are concerned about the violations of fundamental rights and call on the Congolese authorities to respect the free exercise of constitutional freedoms.

The perpetrators bear individual responsibility for the crimes and other human rights violations. We call for urgent action in order to prevent a further crisis in the Democratic Republic of Congo. France is committed, in close collaboration with all of its European, international and African partners, to supporting a political solution that will respect the constitution.