Democratic Republic of Congo - Nomination of Prime Minister (7 April 2017)


France has taken note of the nomination of the new Prime Minister of the Democratic Republic of Congo on April 7.

We express our deep concern over the lack of consensus on this nomination, which does not meet the terms of the agreement of December 31, 2016. As that agreement is the only credible road map to ending the crisis, its violation implies grave risks to the country’s stability and future, in a context marked by the serious deterioration of its security and human rights situations.

In accordance with resolution 2348, which the UN Security Council just adopted unanimously, France reaffirms the urgent need to implement, without preconditions, the agreement of December 31, including the lifting of restrictions on rights and freedoms, in order to allow elections to be held in the proper circumstances on the agreed date in late 2017.

We call for the respect of human rights and fundamental liberties, including the right of expression and peaceful assembly, and call for calm and the rejection of violence of any kind.

France will continue to coordinate with its international and European partners on the situation in DRC and the follow-up to be given.