Côte d’Ivoire – Meeting of the Advisory Group on Financing for Development (Paris, May 17-18, 2016)


The Advisory Group on Côte d’Ivoire is currently meeting in Paris in order to mobilize the resources needed to finance Côte d’Ivoire’s national development plan for the period 2016-2020. This meeting has been organized by the government of Côte d’Ivoire together with the World Bank and the support of the country’s financial partners, including France.

André Vallini, Minister of State for Development and Francophonie, attended the opening ceremony on May 17, chaired by Daniel Kablan Duncan, Prime Minister of Côte d’Ivoire. After four years of strong growth, this country has once again become West Africa’s main growth hub.

Funding, in the form of loans and grants, announced by the donors, will total $15.4 billion, including $12.7 billion in new funding. These exceptional amounts reflect the international community’s confidence in Côte d’Ivoire. France is playing a full role in this effort on the part of the international community and will disburse a total of $1.54 billion for Côte d’Ivoire for the period 2016-2020.