Comoros – Situation in Anjouan (18 October 2018)


France is closely following the situation in the Comoros, and especially in Anjouan. It condemns the acts of violence committed on the island and reaffirms its commitment to stability in the Comoros.

It fully supports the African Union president’s call for a resumption of the inter-Comorian dialogue. It supports his appeal to all the stakeholders to show the utmost restraint and to refrain from any action liable to aggravate the current tensions.

French nationals living in Anjouan and travelers passing through have been advised to exercise caution, but at this stage no evacuation is envisioned. The French community has been asked to report any travel to Anjouan and our citizens there have been advised to limit their movements. Our travel advisories on the France Diplomatie site are updated regularly. Our embassy in Moroni and the consular agency in Anjouan have of course been mobilized.