Comoros - Q&A - Excerpts from the daily press briefing (18.09.17)


Q - Can you elaborate on the content of the French-Comorian road map adopted on September 12 to foster “human exchanges among the islands of the archipelago within a legal framework and which strengthens the security of maritime and air links”? How will this facilitate the delivery of visas between the Comoros and Mayotte?

A - In order to more effectively fight human trafficking, foster the legal movement of persons, combat the illegal passage of borders, and secure air and sea links, France and the Comoros are striving for a more regulated, more secure movement of people between Mayotte and the Comoros. This reflects a new desire for cooperation.

French officials have announced their intention – while carrying out normal controls – to make visas between the Comoros and Mayotte free of charge. We are also committed to the swift reopening of the Consulate in Anjouan, so that new visas can be issued in a more secure manner.