EU - China - Q&A from the press briefing (27 May 20)


Q: What is the goal of Friday’s meeting between European foreign ministers on China? Have Germany and France defined a common position with respect to the attitude to adopt vis-à-vis China?

A: The purpose of the videoconference bringing together EU foreign ministers on May 29 is to prepare for this year’s high-level EU-China meetings (the EU-China summit at the end of June, and the summit of European and Chinese Heads of State and Government in September).

The foreign ministers’ discussion will serve to bolster European unity and cohesion on our main goals for these summits, the most important being strengthening multilateralism, re-balancing the European-Chinese relationship by improving reciprocity, and an ambitious agenda on fighting climate change.

France maintains a regular, constructive dialogue with Germany on these issues with the goal of effectively promoting European interests and universal values in European-Chinese relations and preparing for upcoming deadlines in the best possible way.