China - Q&A from the press briefing (27 May 20)


Q: China’s efforts to tighten its grip on Hong Kong pose a threat to the international order, according to the statement issued by the EU’s top diplomat. He calls on member states to respond with a robust message. Does France condemn China’s increasing control over Hong Kong?

A: The position of the European Union and its Member States was expressed in the declaration issued by the High Representative of the European Union on May 22. France fully supports that declaration and suggests you consult it. As a reminder, it reads as follows:

“Declaration by the High Representative, on behalf of the European Union, on the announcement by China’s National People’s Congress spokesperson regarding Hong Kong:

On 21 May, a spokesperson for China’s National People’s Congress announced that the upcoming NPC session will deliberate on a draft bill to ‘establish and improve the legal framework and enforcement mechanism in order to safeguard national security in Hong Kong.’

The European Union has a strong stake in the continued stability and prosperity of Hong Kong under the ‘One Country Two Systems’ principle. It attaches great importance to the preservation of Hong Kong’s high degree of autonomy, in line with the Basic Law and with international commitments, as well as to the respect for this principle.

The EU considers that democratic debate, consultation of key stakeholders, and respect for protected rights and freedoms in Hong Kong would represent the best way of proceeding with the adoption of national security legislation, as foreseen in Article 23 of the Basic Law, while also upholding Hong Kong’s autonomy and the ‘One Country Two Systems’ principle.

The EU will continue to follow developments closely.”