Central African Republic – Conclusion of the National Bangui Forum (May 12, 2015)


France commends the success of the National Bangui Forum, which took place from May 4 to 11 and allowed the people of the Central African Republic, in all their diversity, to voice their expectations and to lay the groundwork for national reconciliation.

France hopes that the forum’s conclusions will help resolve the crisis, following the terrible ordeals endured by the people of the Central African Republic. Compromises were reached on the issues of peace and security, justice and reconciliation, governance and economic reconstruction. We call for the swift implementation of the agreement agreed upon by almost all of the armed groups with a view to disarming and demobilizing the combatants.

France urges the transitional authorities and all political actors in the Central African Republic to mobilize their efforts, with the support of the UN and the international community, to hold, as swiftly as possible in 2015, presidential and parliamentary elections that will mark the end of the transition and provide the country with institutions responsible for continuing national reconciliation and reconstruction.