Burundi - Situation and visit by the UN secretary-general (February 23, 2016)


France is very concerned by the human rights violations and violence in Burundi, both in the capital city and in the provinces. It condemns the grenade attacks against civilians that are occurring nearly every day in Bujumbura.

We welcome the commitment shown by the UN secretary-general who traveled to Burundi on February 23, as well as the announcements made on that occasion by President Pierre Nkurunziza about the importance of dialogue and trust-building measures. France will be watching closely to see if these commitments are fully met, and if they are promptly followed by concrete results.

France supports the African Union’s efforts and hopes that the mission by heads of state (from South Africa, Ethiopia, Gabon, Mauritania and Senegal) in Burundi on February 25 and 26 will help strengthen the momentum of a political process based on dialogue.

We stand ready to provide support for efforts to engage in dialogue, particularly within the UN Security Council, in keeping with Burundi’s Constitution and the Arusha agreement.