Burundi (April 7, 2016)


France urges the government of Burundi to implement without delay the announcements made during recent visits to Bujumbura by the UN secretary–general and five African heads of state representing the African Union.

At France’s behest, on April 1 the Security Council unanimously adopted resolution 2279. It calls once again on all parties in Burundi to engage in the dialogue conducted by African Union mediators, and to respect all the commitments taken by the Burundian government. The resolution strengthens the role of the UN, particularly by giving the Secretary-General’s special advisor a good-offices mandate in support of the mediation process, and asks the Secretary-General to present options in two weeks for a UN police presence.

We support the current efforts conducted by former Tanzanian President Benjamin Mkapa, who has our full confidence.

France condemns the shameful treatment of prisoners in Burundian jails, exemplified – as if it were necessary – by the death on March 31 of Jacques Bihozagara, Rwanda’s former ambassador in Paris, in a Bujumbura prison. France pays tribute to his memory and offers its condolences to his family.