Terrorist attack in Burkina Faso on 27 April and challenges in the Sahel - Joint communiqué issued by France, Germany, Spain and Italy (30 April 2021)


Following the despicable murders of two Spanish citizens, one Irish citizen and one citizen of Burkina Faso perpetrated during the terrorist attack in Burkina Faso on 27 April 2021, we express our strong condemnation of all acts of violence and extend our condolences and solidarity to the victims’ families.

In the face of the persistent security threats and complex socio-economic challenges in the Sahel region, which demand urgent responses, we reiterate our commitment to strengthening our support in the framework of a cross-cutting approach involving security, governance, stabilization and development.

The fight against terrorism, illegal trafficking and all forms of violence is an essential goal for guaranteeing the rule of law and peaceful coexistence between all Sahelians. We shall continue the initiatives under way to support the region’s armed forces, gendarmeries and domestic security forces in their operations, education, training and capacity building, particularly with regard to respect for judicial rules and human rights.

At the same time, we are convinced that in order to achieve a safe, stable and prosperous Sahel, security approaches alone cannot be enough and must be accompanied by measures dealing with humanitarian assistance, stabilization and economic and social development, prioritizing education, health and access to basic services for the whole population throughout the territory.

We express our determination to continue our joint efforts in close cooperation with the region’s countries and the G5 Sahel, in the framework of the Coalition for the Sahel, the Sahel Alliance, the Partnership for Security and Stability in the Sahel (P3S) and other regional initiatives, to ensure that the region becomes an area of peace and stability, with no room for terrorism and violence.