Belarus – Human rights – OSCE report (5 November 2020)


France is aware of the report on human rights violations and electoral fraud observed during Belarus’s presidential election on August 9. Prepared by independent expert Wolfgang Benedek, this report follows the invocation of the Moscow Mechanism by the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) at the behest of 17 countries, including France. That mechanism opens the way for investigations into serious violations of the OSCE’s human rights commitments and the identification of actions to end them.

Presented to the 57 States participating in the OSCE, Mr. Benedek’s report confirms the allegations of electoral fraud, the violation of the freedom of assembly and the freedom of expression, as well as inhumane treatments and acts of torture in Belarus. It also finds attacks on the freedom of the press and the deterioration of journalists’ safety.

France calls on Belarus to fully implement the recommendations contained in this report and will continue to closely monitor developments in that country. It reiterates its full support for the Belarusian people and the civil society organizations that courageously defend their freedoms and fundamental rights.