France and Azerbaijan


Political relations

Relations between France and Azerbaijan are excellent and, in addition to political dialogue and economic exchanges, the relationship is highly diverse, notably in the cultural and scientific fields. Furthermore, Azerbaijan is grateful for France’s efforts to find a peaceful solution to the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict within the Minsk Group.



  • 11-12 May 2014: State visit by the French President to Azerbaijan.
  • 26 October 2014: working visit by Azerbaijan’s President to Paris.
  • 25 April 2015: visit by the President of the French Republic to Baku.
  • 14 March 2017: official visit to France by Azerbaijan’s President.


  • 15-16 September 2017: visit to Baku by the Minister of State attached to the Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs.
  • 10-11 January 2017: visit by the Minister of State for Development and Francophonie to Baku.
  • 8-10 February 2017: visit by the Minister of State for State Reform and Simplification to Baku.

Economic relations

Azerbaijan is the Caucasus country with which France has developed the most significant trade relations, with a trade balance showing a considerable deficit for France. French businesses have a strong position in the oil and oil-related sectors, as well as in the banking, telecommunication, transport and tourism sectors.

Cultural, scientific and technical cooperation

An Institut Français was established in 2004 in Baku, where a French high school financed by the State Oil Company of the Azerbaijan Republic (SOCAR) and managed by the French Secular Mission (MLF) also opened in 2013. Lastly, the French-Azerbaijani University (UFAZ) has been open in Baku since September 2016.

Other cooperation

An intergovernmental committee to steer decentralized cooperation has been up and running since 2016.

Updated: 21 December 2017