Argentina - Legalization of abortion (30 December 2020)


France welcomes Argentina’s adoption of a law legalizing the right to abortion, a vital step for women’s rights in that country.

As part of its pro-feminist diplomacy, France is fully committed to the rights of women and girls, especially those related to sexual and reproductive health. Access to abortion is a health and survival issue for girls and women, as each year, of the 25 million women who attempt to end their pregnancy, 47,000 lose their lives and 3 million suffer from post-abortion complications. 42% of women worldwide still live in a country where the law restricts or prohibits abortion.

Along with four other nations, including Argentina, France champions the Action Coalition on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights, which will be central to the Generation Equality Forum held in France in 2021 and co-hosted with UN Women and Mexico.