France and Angola

Political relations

Angola and France are engaged in ongoing political dialogue, particularly on regional security issues.


  • October 2013: Visit to Luanda by French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius.
  • April 2014: Visit to France by President José Eduardo dos Santos.
  • December 2014: Visit to Paris by the Minister of External Relations, Georges Chikoti.
  • July 2015: Visit to Angola by President François Hollande.
  • 26 September 2017: Visit by the Minister of State, Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne, for the inauguration of President João Lourenço.

Economic relations

The bulk of trade between France and Angola is in the hydrocarbon sector. Our imports are exclusively made up of crude oil and two thirds of our exports are equipment to be used in this sector. In 2016, bilateral trade decreased by 60% due to the drop in oil prices and the financial crisis. However, France remains an important partner for Angola. In 2015, France was the 9th leading supplier with a market share of 3.12%, behind Portugal (13.5%), China (12.5%) and the United States (12%). French foreign direct investment stood at €5.1 billion in 2015 (Angola is the second biggest beneficiary of French FDI in sub-Saharan Africa and the third in Africa behind Morocco and Nigeria). France has 50 to 70 subsidiaries, branches and offices in Angola accounting for 15,000 jobs. Another establishment agreement of the Agence Française de Développement (AFD) was signed in July 2017. The AFD already launched a first €150 million project in partnership with the World Bank to develop the safe drinking water sector.

Cultural, scientific and technical cooperation

There has been a focus on academic cooperation with the co-financing of a scholarship and grant programme and a Priority Solidarity Fund project aiming to improve the integration of young people into the workforce through support for enhancing higher education and training. Education cooperation and promotion of the French language are also priorities. There are three Alliances Françaises in Angola and four lycées in the Eiffel network (secondary education schools created by TOTAL E&P Angola in conjunction with the Angolan Ministry of Education and the pedagogical support of the Mission Laïque Française).

For more information, visit the website of the French Embassy in Luanda

Updated: October 2017

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