2019 Latin America and Caribbean Week (23 May - 8 June 2019)


From 23 May to 8 June, France is honouring Latin America and the Caribbean. Through more than 500 cultural, scientific, political, economic and festive events, this 6th edition of Latin America and Caribbean Week is an opportunity to highlight the many historical ties between Latin America, the Caribbean and France.

A wide-ranging and diverse programme

In a programme that becomes more wide-ranging and festive by the year, the 2019 edition draws on initiatives from Latin American and Caribbean embassies in France, as well as associations, teaching and research institutions, museums and even art galleries!

Over 500 events have been organized by over 250 partners: film screenings, conferences, concerts, dance performances, arts and crafts, tastings, exhibitions, literary readings, and the list goes on… From Toulouse to Marseille, from Lyon to Cayenne, from Paris to Mont Saint-Aignan and from Bordeaux to Cochabamba, Latin America Week treats the public to a pulsating insight into Latin American and Caribbean creativity in France.

This 2019 edition will also see high-level political and economic events, to discuss the relationship between Latin America, the Caribbean and France, to promote our partnerships and to work together to face the challenges of the modern world.

Latin America and Caribbean Week: an ever-growing initiative

It was in 2011, at the initiative of the French Senate, that “Latin America and Caribbean Day” was introduced, to celebrate and strengthen ties between countries of the region and France.

In 2014, the “Day” became a “Week”, which was organized and coordinated by the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs.

With each passing year, the Week has alternated between a popular culture event, an educational event and a festive event, but it has always been unmissable, both in Paris and throughout France. It has become an occasion for meetings and shared reflection between Latin America, the Caribbean and France.

The 2019 programme features three times more events than in 2018 and 65 localities are contributing, compared to about fifteen last year. Almost two-thirds of the organized events will take place outside Paris. Finally, some 20 events have been planned for the other side of the Atlantic, in French Guiana, but also in Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Brazil, Peru, Bolivia and Chile.