Latin America and Caribbean Week in France (26 May-7 June 2015)


From 26 May to 7 June 2015, a Latin America and Caribbean Week in France will celebrate throughout the country the relations between France and that part of the world in a great variety of fields including the economy, research, culture, education and sustainable development.

On 16 February 2011, the French Senate unanimously adopted a resolution calling for the introduction of a Latin America and Caribbean Day on 31 May each year. A few months after the bicentennials of independence of Latin-American and Caribbean countries in 2010, the Senate thus highlighted the importance of the values shared and the ties forged between France and that region during the past two centuries.

Since it was instituted by the Senate in 2011, this event has gained new activities and enabled yearly celebrations of the friendship between France and Latin America and the Caribbean.

Starting in 2014 and following on from the action engaged by the French authorities to restart and deepen France’s relations with that region, the event has increased in scale and turned into a Latin America and Caribbean Week, so as to include an ever growing number of increasingly diversified activities.

The Week is counting this year also on the active participation of the President of the Republic and the government. The French President will receive prominent figures from the entire region, as well as Latin American and Caribbean students in France. The President of the French Senate, Mr Gérard Larcher, will host a lunch for the ambassadors from Latin America and the Caribbean, as well as a climate change colloquium on 4 June organized by the French Institut des Amériques (IdA).

The various events that are already planned outside Paris highlight this further edition’s renewed determination to celebrate and strengthen the diversity of ties that unite the entire French territory to Latin America and the Caribbean.

Lastly, a number of events will be organized during the Week by the embassies of Latin American and Caribbean countries in France.

Calendar of events (in French)

France, a popular destination for Latin American and Caribbean students

In 2013-2014, France hosted 19,124 Latin American and Caribbean students, which is an increase of 21.3% over five years. They enrolled first and foremost at master level (42.3%) and first degree level (39.5%). Almost half of them (48.6%) chose to study languages, literature, and social sciences. Sciences and Techniques of Physical Activity and Sport (STAPS) came next, accounting for 22.8% with 3.132 registrations in 2013-2014.

Further information on the mobility of Latin American and Caribbean students is available on Campus France, "Resource Center" section

The French Institut des Amériques (IdA) is a leading-edge scientific institution serving relations between France and the Americas

The French Institut des Amériques (IdA) is a centre for the study of human and social sciences relating to the Americas. It has developed a transamerican and cross-disciplinary approach to the societies of the American continent by creating a network for teaching, research, scientific and technical information, partnerships and international cooperation. The French Institut des Amériques, which brings together some 60 participating establishments and is represented on the American continent by its international centres, provides a space for exchange and cooperation between scientific communities which is open to actors in the political, diplomatic, economic and media world, and in the world of non-profit organizations.

The project to create the French Institut des Amériques was initiated in the 1990s. The institute opened in March 2007 as a scientific interest group (GIS), thanks to the support of the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research and the French Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs. In 2015, the French Institut des Amériques (IdA) brings together 61 French higher education and research institutions actively involved in human and social sciences, and provides a pool of almost 1,000 researchers.

The institute contributes to ongoing research on the Americas by organizing and backing scientific events (annual colloquium, support for scientific events), awarding thesis prizes, proposing financial aid for doctoral research, and so on. It encourages the dissemination and use of research findings through its publishing policy and think-tank activity. The French Institut des Amériques has become a regular partner of the Latin America and Caribbean Week in France. At the end of May 2014, it organized a bi-regional colloquium on "Sustainable Cities, Smart Cities: Views from Europe Latin America and the Caribbean", with the support of the European Union-Latin America and Caribbean Foundation (EU-LAC Foundation) and the French Senate. A further colloquium is to be organized in a similar framework on 4 June 2015 at the French Senate, on the theme "Europe - Latin America and the Caribbean: Perspectives on Climate Challenge. From Local to Global."

Further information on the Institut des Amériques (IdA) is available by clicking here