Security and defence cooperation in Africa


France’s structural cooperation efforts in the security and defence fields rely on a network of 320 technical experts in 140 countries, 270 of whom have been deployed to Africa.

These efforts involve providing high-level advice, training and logistical assistance to partner countries, while taking into account the defence-security-justice-development continuum. France has expertise in a wide range of fields, including counter-terrorism, maritime and air safety, illegal migration, civil protection, internal security, and French teaching in military environments.

Regionally-oriented national schools : a major security/defence cooperation programme

As part of this programme, 19 regionally oriented schools (14 national schools and 5 international schools) support the sharing of technical expertise and joint modes of action. Every year, 2,500 trainees receive training on major security issues : peacekeeping, health, mine clearance, officer training, engineering, human resources, maritime security, public order and civil protection. In total, more than 70 different types of training are offered, involving 45 French cooperation officers. By providing high-quality training, this educational approach helps develop the interoperability needed to run coordinated operations, particularly at the sub-regional level.

In 2018, France and its partners decided to open three new schools in the fields of cybersecurity (Senegal), counter-terrorism (Côte d’Ivoire) and law enforcement (Djibouti), with a view to adapting training courses to current and future security threats.

Updated : February 2019