G5 Sahel - Q&A - Excerpts from the daily press briefing (17.05.19)


Q : The foreign minister of Burkina Faso said yesterday that the G5 Sahel would not be enough to eradicate the terrorist threat in the region and called for the creation of a new international coalition like the one that exists for the Levant. Do you think such a coalition could be part of a new strategy for the region, given that the current policy isn’t bearing fruit?

A : Given the security and humanitarian situation in the Sahel, the full mobilization of the G5 Sahel countries is vital. That is why France is working to drum up international support for the G5 Sahel force as well as the Sahel Alliance. It calls on its international partners to uphold their commitments in the region and to support the deployment by G5 Sahel countries of security forces and public services throughout their territory.

Effective international support is crucial. France will be watching to ensure that with the upcoming renewal of MINUSMA’s mandate, the technical modalities of international support are better adapted to the needs of the G5 Sahel joint force.