Season of African Cultures in France : Africa 2020


During a speech he gave in Ouagadougou on 28 November 2017, President Macron announced that a Season of African Cultures in France was being organized for 2020. This season’s aim is to help French people learn more about contemporary Africa and its creativity through a series of events held all over France, focusing on young people and emerging talents. It will also provide an opportunity to launch structural partnerships in all creative fields, encourage cultural entrepreneurship and showcase African expertise.

A unique season for France and all of Africa

With the participation of civil society, the public sector and the private sector, this six-month season (May-October) will take place all over the country, including overseas departments and territories. This incredibly vast season will involve over 54 African countries : it will showcase French-speaking, English-speaking and Portuguese-speaking Africa, including North Africa.

France will discover an Africa on the move and undergoing huge changes through the Season of African Cultures as it will :

  • Promote African contemporary creative endeavours in all sectors ;
  • Feature cultural entrepreneurship initiatives ;
  • Build cultural partnerships, including with a European dimension.

In addition to its original approach that involves the entire continent, all projects presented will be created jointly by several African countries. The season’s cross-cutting priorities will be :

  • Mobilizing young people – The season will focus on young artists and generations since they are the ones who have to meet 21st century challenges ;
  • Promoting a multi-disciplinary approach – The season will focus on arts, education and the economy along with new fields such as the digital economy ;
  • Involving diasporas – In order to reach as many people as possible, African diasporas will be highly involved ;
  • Using a cooperative approach – Building on French-African dialogue, this series of events aims to build a joint project between two continents, Europe and Africa.
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Updated : February 2019