Afghanistan - Q&A from the press briefing (26 August 2021)


Q: Is France going to end its evacuations from Kabul today, as a senior Quai d’Orsay official stated on Tuesday? How many Afghans will it then have evacuated to Abu Dhabi and then Paris?

Q: Does the withdrawal of Turkish troops from Kabul’s airport pose a problem for France?

Our teams in Kabul are tirelessly continuing their efforts as far as possible, under extremely difficult circumstances, in order to continue the ongoing evacuation operations.

Within the framework of the operations initiated on August 15, approximately 2,500 French and Afghan nationals in danger have been evacuated from Kabul to Abu Dhabi then Paris, as well as a few dozen citizens of partner countries. The operations are still underway. These individuals are in addition to the hundreds of Afghans at risk due to their ties with our country to whom we have provided shelter over the last few years and in the spring in anticipation of the current crisis.