Afghanistan - Q&A from the press briefing (2 September 2021)


Q: Concerning visa applications by Afghans who can make a legitimate claim of protection by France – how are they proceeding? Do they have to consult the Consulate in Islamabad or Doha?

A: France remains determined to protect Afghan men and women who are particularly at risk due to their activities. Amid the extraordinarily difficult circumstances we saw in August, France evacuated more than 2,600 Afghans in addition to those who were working for our country and whom we had already taken out of harm’s way in anticipation of the current crisis.

Now it is urgent that those who wish to leave Afghanistan by way of a reopened, freely accessible, safe, secured Kabul airport are able to do so. That is the crux of the demands made of the Taliban in Resolution 2593 brought forward by France and recently adopted by the UN Security Council.

We are working with our international partners on ways to facilitate the protection of those who are under threat.