Customs Information

What must I do when clearing Customs?

No counterfeit items

Counterfeit items are absolutely prohibited. You are forbidden from buying them or bringing them into France, regardless of quantity. Customs officers seize all counterfeit goods and customs fines are calculated based on the value of the genuine products that have been counterfeited.

No drugs

Drugs of any type (including cannabis) are absolutely prohibited. Possessing or carrying them risks criminal sanctions (imprisonment, fines).

No protected animal or plant species

Pursuant to the Washington Convention protecting plant and animal species threatened with extinction, you must not transport any endangered animal or plant species or one that presents a danger to the European ecosystem.

Certain goods are subject to specific restrictions

For medications and food (meat and fish in particular), you must check before your departure regarding the provisions applicable in this domain, both with regards to your destination country and for your return through France.

Take advantage of tax exemptions and comply with their limitations upon arrival in the European Union

From a country outside the European Union, you MAY import goods in your luggage up to a maximum value of €430 (air or sea) or €300 (other transportation). If you are under the age of 15, your exemption is limited to €150, whatever the mode of transport.

Warning: tobacco and alcohol are subject to quantitative exemptions.

Quantitative Exemptions (except for travelers under 17)
Tobacco 200 cigarettes - or 100 cigarillos - or 50 cigars - or 250g of smoking tobacco
Alcohol - 1 liter of alcohol above 22° [44 proof] - or 2 liters of alcohol containing less than 22° [44 proof]
Other Beverages 4 liters of wine and 16 liters of beer

Beyond these exemptions, you must spontaneously declare the goods as you pass through Customs, in order to pay the corresponding duties and taxes. Not declaring such goods risks forfeiting them and paying a Customs fine.

Inform Customs if you are traveling with €10,000 or more

If you are in possession of cash, securities, or negotiable instruments in an amount equal to or greater than €10,000, you must declare it to Customs when crossing the French border, regardless of your destination or return country.

Download the Customs smartphone application

You may find all this information on the free, bilingual (French/English) Customs smartphone application (available for iPhone, iPad, Android, and Blackberry).