Learn French Abroad


With nearly 300 million speakers, French has the advantage of being present on all five continents, like English. French is the second-most studied language, with some 132 million people learning French as a foreign language around the world.

Do you live outside France and wish to learn the language? Would you like your children to learn more about other cultures by learning French? You have a number of options.

French Schools

355,000 pupils at 496 schools in 137 countries

France’s international network of schools helps promote French language and culture. Not only do these institutions teach French children living abroad, they also teach 213,000 foreign pupils, who represent 60% of all enrolments.

French schools abroad are renowned for their high-quality teaching. This attractiveness is reflected in the growing number of enrolments: a 50% increase in 20 years.

These schools are under the remit of the Agency for French Education Abroad (AEFE) or the French Secular Mission (MLF). Their compliance with the curricula, educational goals and principles of the French education system is verified by the French Ministry of National Education and Youth.

Bilingual education abroad

Around 50 countries offer bilingual education in French to around 2 million pupils. In these countries, not only are pupils able to learn French, they can also study non-linguistic subjects (such as science, history, mathematics and geography) in French.

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The Institut Français and Alliance Française network

The Institut Français and Alliance Française have branches in nearly 150 countries. They are an important vector for sharing French culture and language abroad. The Institut Français and Alliance Française network offers French classes to all ages in around 100 countries, teaching around 600,000 and 500,000 French language-learners respectively.

Internationally recognized diplomas

The Institut Français and Alliance Française network offers official French certifications such as the Elementary French Language Diploma (DELF) and the Advanced French Language Diploma (DALF). These diplomas are awarded by the Ministry for National Education and Youth and are valid for life.

Update : March 2019