This year, I’m off to France to learn French!


Would you like to learn or improve your French? Why not come to France for a total-immersion experience?

Whether you’re here for a short or long stay; whether you’re in Paris or one of France’s regions; whether you’re beginning your language study at square one or have very specific objectives—whatever your circumstances, you’re sure to find a language center that can meet your needs.

I can be sure of excellent quality thanks to the Qualité Français Langue Etrangère label.

The Qualité français langue étrangère label is a guarantee of high-quality classes and services.

This label is the result of a quality-assurance process undertaken by the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation, the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs. It aims to identify, recognize and promote the French language learning centres at which high-quality teaching and services are guaranteed.

I can choose my short-stay programme or my summer school with Campus France.

Choose from the over 300 programmes listed on the Campus France website, organised by:

  • Region: sea or mountain, city or country
  • Season: summer (April-November) or winter (November-March)
  • Field: Arts, culture, environment, human and social sciences, etc. There are over 30 fields to choose from!
  • Certification
  • Activities: tourism, gastronomy/oenology, sports

For more information, visit the website of Campus France

Travelling to France

All foreign nationals wishing to enter France must be able to submit statutory documents at the border concerning the reasons for their stay, their means of support and accommodation arrangements.

A visa is generally required, in the absence of a waiver. For general information and for preparing, submitting and tracking your visa application, log on to France-Visas, France’s official visa website.

For more information, visit "Coming to France".

Updated: March 2019