The creation of the CampusFrance agency goes hand in hand with the implementation of the commitment of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, together with the Ministry of National Education, Higher Education and Research, to make France more attractive in the area of higher education.

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First and foremost, CampusFrance is:

  • The merger between our system promoting higher education, which until now has been administered successfully by the EduFrance agency (recognized as being one of the world’s best agencies in this field), and two other key operators in university and scientific mobility, the CNOUS and EGIDE, which, on behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, manage the instruments of university cooperation, such as scholarships and grants from the French government. They provide this same service for scholarships and grants from foreign governments.
  • A powerful instrument enabling France to play a key role in the knowledge economy, by encouraging the internationalization of our graduate schools, by drawing the best foreign students through the guarantee they are given for a successful academic path, by promoting the development of our instruments of university and scientific partnerships.
  • An innovative approach of the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and National Education, Higher Education and Research, which have carried out joint work, in close cooperation and with the full approval of the operators concerned and the establishments, all culminating now in the birth of this agency.

Statutorily, CampusFrance is:

  • A GIP (public interest group), like EduFrance was, bringing together the French government and graduate schools, to which two new members, EGIDE and CNOUS, are added today, in order to constitute, in the long run, the agency for international university and scientific mobility.