COVID-19 - China - Q&A from the press briefing (30.03.20)


Q: The Embassy of China in France published some scathing comments on its website regarding the management of the health crisis in Europe, compared to China’s example. Are such statements consistent with the status of a diplomatic mission? Has the embassy crossed a red line?

A: In the context of a crisis that is affecting everyone, there is no place for polemics. The unity of all in order to effectively combat Covid-19 takes precedence over any other consideration. We must therefore work toward promoting the unity of the international community. Reciprocal acts of solidarity between China and France reflect our determination to tackle the epidemic in a coordinated manner.

I would like to remind you that a coordinated approach has been adopted in European countries in order to combat Covid-19, notably since the European Council meeting on March 10 convened on France’s initiative. The European institutions commended efforts to promote solidarity between member states, including France.