COVID-19 – China - Q&A from the press briefing (1 April 2020)


Q: Do you believe China is using the assistance that it’s providing to other countries dealing with the Covid-19 crisis as a way of bolstering its own interests?

A: Covid-19 is a pandemic that affects all continents and all societies. Obviously, effectively combating Covid-19 and managing its repercussions on our economies requires the greatest international cooperation.

That is why France has been striving, since the beginning of the crisis, to promote solidarity and coordination by the international community. It is doing so within multilateral institutions, with its major partners and of course, with all of its EU partners.

International support is always welcome and must be encouraged. Just as France offered its total solidarity to China at the beginning of this crisis, France is now receiving China’s solidarity in return.

France also benefits from the solidarity of its German, Luxembourg and Swiss neighbors, who have taken more than 100 intensive-care patients from the Grand Est region into their hospitals.

International cooperation and solidarity are in everyone’s interest.