COVID-19 – Chile - Q&A from the press briefing (22 April 2020)


Q: French nationals stranded in Chile are still asking to be brought home. How many people are still in this situation, according to your estimates, and in which countries, specifically?

A: The French Embassy in Chile, in conjunction with the crisis unit of the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs dealing with the return of French citizens and Air France, remains fully mobilized and is continuing its efforts to facilitate the return of French nationals temporarily in that country.

Efforts by the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs and its network enabled the return of more than 170,000 of our fellow citizens who were temporarily abroad in more than 100 countries, amid very limited air travel and border closings.

Our embassies and consulates are receiving new requests by French nationals who are temporarily abroad and wish to return home. They are closely monitoring the situation of our compatriots and keeping them informed of potential solutions in a national or European framework.