List of pressing grounds for travel to/from "scarlet" countries

List of pressing grounds for travel to/from “scarlet” countries
To a “scarlet” countryFrom a “scarlet” country
Foreign nationals returning to their countries. French nationals, as well as their partners (spouses, civil partners, or cohabiters) and children.
Death of a direct family member (grandparents, parents, children and siblings) / visit to a person in critical condition for direct family members (grandparents, parents, children and siblings). Evidence required: death certificate, medical certificate certifying the situation of the person in critical condition, proof of family membership. European Union nationals or equivalents, as well as their partners (spouses, civil partners or cohabiters) and children, with their main residence in France or transiting through France to their main residence in a European Union country or equivalent country.
Visitors travelling to exercise custodial rights recognized by a court ruling. Evidence required: court ruling and proof of place of residence. Nationals of a third country with a valid European or French residence permit or long-stay visa with their main residence in France.
Transport company staff
Evidence required: certificate from employers, professional ID for crews ensuring international goods transport, international passenger transport, and international maritime transport.
Nationals of third countries with a long-stay visa issued on the grounds of family reunification or family reunification of refugees, beneficiaries of subsidiary protection and stateless persons.
Persons summoned by a judicial or administrative authority.
Evidence required: summons.
Persons transiting for less than 24 hours in an international zone.
Persons for whom it is legally or economically impossible to remain in the territory where they are located or who are subject to an expulsion measure.
Evidence required: Expiring residence permit, proof of severance, etc.
Foreign nationals serving in a diplomatic or consular mission or an international organization headquartered or having an office in France, and their partners and children.
Health professionals and researchers helping to fight COVID-19 or taking part in cooperation activities of major interest in terms of health. Evidence required: professional ID. Persons working in the land, sea and air transport sectors and transport service providers, including drivers of any vehicle for transport of goods to be used in the French territory and those which are only in transit, or such persons travelling as passengers to reach their departure base. Occasional assignments
Persons travelling on grounds of critical medical emergencies (patient and an accompanying person, if necessary). Evidence required: medical certificate, proof of scheduled hospitalization, etc.
Persons on occasional assignments linked to the exercise of public sector activities (including diplomatic missions and assignments essential to the implementation of operational contracts of the armed forces or military corps) that cannot be postponed. Evidence required: professional ID, travel order.