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The French cultural network: key figures

The global French cooperation and cultural action network consists of:

- 6,000 staff members
- 155 Cooperation and Cultural Action Services, of which 96 became French Institutes on 1 January 2012 (by merging with French cultural centres)
- 10 scientific departments
- 384 subsidized Alliances Françaises, from a total of some 900 Alliance Française language centres worldwide
- 494 educational establishments with a French curriculum (Agency for French Education Abroad (AEFE), French Secular Mission (MLF) and other institutions)
- 27 French Research Institutes Abroad (IFRE) and 18 branches
- 200 Campus France offices
- 137 archaeological projects
- 70 French Development Agency (AFD) agencies and representative offices in 90 countries make up the linchpin operator of French official development assistance

Actions conducted by the cooperation and cultural action network:

- More than 26,000 cutural events in some 150 countries
- 295,000 foreign students hosted in 2013/2014 – France is the third most popular host country for foreign students
- 14,500 French government scholars in 2013
- 620,000 students in French Institutes and Alliances Françaises
- 320,000 students in educational establishments with a French curriculum (of which 37% are French) and 1,600,000 students in bilingual sections of national education networks
- 13,000 volunteers (in administrations, businesses, international solidarity efforts, French and European Civic Service)



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