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Honorary Consular Officers

On taking up your post

For all nominations for employment in a diplomatic mission or consular post, the mission should send to Protocol Department a Notification de nomination et de prise de fonctions (NNPF) or Notification of Nomination and Commencement.

- Formalities

- Arrival of a new Ambassador

- Heads of Consular Posts

- Honorary Consular Officers

Honorary Consular Officers, who are generally French or permanent residents, are regarded as consular officers with a special status; they are allowed to be gainfully employed and, theoretically, exercise their mission on a voluntary basis.

Proposing a nominee for appointment as an honorary consular officer implies the prior existence of the consular post. The opening of a new post, following a special request from the diplomatic mission, must be approved by the French Authorities and approval notified by Protocol Department.

A French national, a dual national having both French and a foreign nationality, or a permanent resident cannot be an honorary consular officer if he/she is elected by universal suffrage, is a French civil servant or a French Government agent or a territorial unit agent, a commercial court judge, or teacher in a higher educational institution (if the latter is exercised as principal activity).

Nomination :

- the application for nomination is to be submitted exclusively by the Embassy accompanied by a curriculum vitae (in 5 copies) indicating the address of the consular premises.
- letter of admission sent to the Embassy by Protocol Department following approval from the competent authorities
- exequatur
- consular information questionnaire (Fiche consulaire) to be sent by the Embassy to Protocol Department
- notification of nomination and commencement (see infra).

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