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Locally engaged staff

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Locally engaged staff

The locally recruited staff, whatever their nationality, are covered by French labour law which must be implemented in its entirety.

  • The salary cannot be lower than the SMIC (GUARANTEED MINIMUM WAGE)
  • The legal work week is 35 hours. Annual legal working time is considered to be equivalent to 1607 hours.
    Legal working time does not constitute the maximum work week. If requested by the employer, the employee may work beyond legal working time. The overtime that is worked confers a right to a wage increase or, under certain conditions, to compensatory time off in lieu of overtime.
    With a view to protecting their health and safety, employees cannot be employed for more than 10 hours per day and 48 hours per calendar week. In addition, the legal work week calculated over any given period of twelve consecutive weeks cannot exceed 44 hours. It is possible however to derogate from these maximum daily and weekly working hours by agreement or administrative authorization.
  • The employees are covered by French labour legislation, the existing provisions thereof must be implemented in their entirety. Affiliation to the French social security scheme is compulsory under Article L111-2-2 of the French Social Security Code, subject to bilateral social security conventions, headquarters agreements or special optional arrangements concerning European missions and those in the European Economic Area.
  • The Protocol Department suggests that entities, if they deem it useful, contact the French Social Security Contribution Collection Office (URSSAF) which operates a help desk for embassies on Wednesday mornings and can be reached on 33 (0)1 58 21 43 17, in order to obtain further information on their obligations in this respect.