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Signing of an agreement between the Crisis Center and the Magellan Network (March 26, 2013)

Ever since it was founded, the Foreign Ministry’s Crisis Center has been the main channel for communication with companies on security issues involving their employees abroad. Close and regular consultations occur between those responsible for the security of French firms operating abroad and the Magellan Network, a human resources network comprising more than 200 large corporations.

This Network, whose international mobility club fosters dialogue between corporate boards and government administrations, took part in the seventh meeting on the security of French companies abroad, held at the Crisis Center on January 31. During that meeting, company representatives heard a presentation on the key points involved in planning for and protecting expatriates.

This dialogue was stepped up on March 26 with the signing of an agreement officializing cooperation on the prevention and management of crises concerning French employees abroad. The Crisis Center is slated to participate in crisis management exercises organized by the Magellan Network. A similar exercise took place in July 2012.

The aim of this public-private cooperation is to better respond to questions on the status and evolution of risks so that businesses responsible for employees abroad can take the appropriate steps to face such risks.



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