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22nd Conference of Ambassadors (25-30 August 2014)


Meet the Ambassadors (August 25, 2014)

This year, the Ministry has decided to invite you to participate in the beginning of the diplomatic year, during the opening of the 2014 Conference of Ambassadors. For the very first time, you will be able to meet and talk with working Ambassadors: an unprecedented insight into behind-the-scenes diplomacy.

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22nd Conference of Ambassadors (25-30.08.14)

The first annual Conference of Ambassadors was held in 1993, bringing together all French heads of diplomatic mission around the world. Every year, the event provides an opportunity for the highest State authorities and the Minister of Foreign Affairs to issue the diplomats who represent France abroad and at international organizations with working guidelines for the coming year.

This Conference, lasting one week and held in late August, also helps ensure the coherence of all aspects of France’s work abroad, which ambassadors are responsible for leading and coordinating. This is why the Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Development chose this year’s theme: “France’s external action: comprehensive diplomacy”.

Each event in 2014’s Conference of Ambassadors will highlight the different instruments and horizons of our country’s external action, including economic diplomacy, combating climate change, Europe, cultural diplomacy, tourism, development policy, crisis management and influence through law. Debates will help promote greater coordination between these different dimensions which support the common goal of contributing to France’s outreach, influence and prosperity.



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