Across the sea: diplomatic challenges, strategic suggestions (May 22, 2014)

At the invitation of Captain Vincent Le Coguiec, Commander of the Naval Instruction Center in Brest and of Mr. Emmanuel Cocher, Deputy Director of Strategic Affairs, Security and Disarmament at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development, in cooperation with the University of Western Brittany, Mr. Jan-Willem Beaujean, Deputy Head of Mission at the Royal Netherlands Embassy in France, took part in a conference and a Q&A session in Brest on Thursday 22 May 2014.

Image Diaporama - "Beyond the walls" in Brest with Jan-Willem (...)

"Beyond the walls" in Brest with Jan-Willem Beaujean et Emmanuel Cocher

Image Diaporama - Emmanuel Cocher, Jan-Willem Beaujean, CV (...)

Emmanuel Cocher, Jan-Willem Beaujean, CV Vincent Le Coguiec

Through the dynamic testimony of two experts, this conference managed to put in perspective the complementarity existing between the strategic vision of the sailor and the analysis of challenges carried out by the diplomat. Defined in Roman law as res communis (a common good belonging to all which, by nature, cannot be appropriated or shared), the sea has, over the centuries, given rise to numerous territorial claims. A physical, political and strategic frontier, a theater of international cooperation and tensions, an immensity dedicated to global and long-distance trade, it is also an area of freedom, a school of life, rigour and humility.

Organised for the benefit of naval students, civilian and military personalities, this event took place within the scope of « Le Quai d’Orsay, hors les murs », an initiative of the French MFA which aims at raising awareness of the role and practice of diplomacy in a globalized world.