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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs


Madagascar: diversifying network resources to improve teaching of French (27 May 2015)

The European Union Delegation has decided to draw on the ability of the French network to implement programmes supporting the teaching of French in the framework of its projects. This decision is based in particular on the synergies between the French MAPEF (Madagascar – APpui à l’Enseignement du et en Français / Support for teaching in and of French) project and the European PASSOBA-Education project. This approach has made it possible to obtain European funding and enabled the implementation of the project by the Institut français (French Institute) in Madagascar.

The Ministry : All the figures

Diplomatic Network


-  163 Embassies
-  4 Diplomatic Branch Offices


-  16 Permanent Representations
-  25 Ambassadors at Large

Consular Network

-  92 Consulates General and Consulates
-  5 independent Chanceries
-  1 Consular Branch Office
-  500 Consular Bureaus

Cooperation and Cultural Action Network
(as of January 1st, 2012)

-  8000 people distributed in 161 Cooperation and Cultural Action services
-  101 French Institutes with 12 offices attached to the Paris French Institute – 10 scientific services
-  445 Alliances Françaises receive subsidies
-  486 schools with programs in French (AEFE [agency for French teaching abroad], French Lay Mission, other institutions)
-  5 French National Centers
-  26 research institutes and 14 branch offices
-  161 Campus France areas
-  98 Environmental Correspondents

Actions Conducted by the Cooperation and Cultural Action Network

-  50,000 artistic events each year

-  285,000 students hosted in 2010/2011 – France hosts the fourth largest number of foreign students
-  470 master’s degree and doctoral students each year receive Eiffel scholarships
-  800,000 students in French Institutes and Alliances Françaises
-  337,000 registered for French certification tests in 2010
-  295,000 students in schools following the French program (40% French students) in 2010/2011
-  1.7 million students in bilingual sections in national education systems
-  €126 million in co-financing collected in 2010
-  12,500 decentralized cooperation projects – 350 financed by the MFA in 2011
-  160 French archaeological missions abroad

A significant commitment by France with regards to development aid

-  3rd largest contributor in the world to Official Development Assistance (ODA) by volume and the number one European contributor;
-  Largest contributor in the world to UNITAID;
-  2nd largest contributor in the world to the Global Fund to Fight against AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria;
-  2nd largest contributor in the world to the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization (GAVI).

(2012 employment ceiling)

Tenured and open-ended contractual agents in the central administration 3 084
Tenured and open-ended contractual agents abroad 2 885
Fixed-term contractual agents (including international volunteers and temporary staff) 3 164
Non-Defense Budget Military Staff 719
Locally recruited staff under local laws 5 172
Total 15 024

Budget (Preliminary Financing Act)

Year 2009 2010 2011
Budget (in € billions) 4,598 4,917 5,099



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