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À la Une cette semaine :

Jean-Marc Ayrault appointed Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Development (11.02.16)

André Vallini was appointed Minister of State for Development and Francophonie. The handover ceremony between Laurent Fabius and Jean-Marc Ayrault at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and (...)

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International Civil Aviation Organization – Statement by Laurent Fabius (08.02.16)

In keeping with the Paris climate agreement, this new standard will be a key component of the civil aviation sector’s contribution to reducing CO2 emissions. It must be complemented by a carbon (...)

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Syria – United Nations - Publication of report on death of detainees (08.02.16)

This damning report illustrates yet again the cruelty of the Bashar al-Assad regime and that of Daesh, as well as their absolute contempt for human life. France notes that the atrocities (...)

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Quai d’Orsay – First meeting of the Operators Committee (09.02.16)

This was the first meeting to be chaired by the minister in this format. This diverse network has a key role to play in implementing our policies to promote France’s influence and attractiveness, (...)

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Mexico – Visit by Matthias Fekl (09–11.02.16)

Seven months after President Enrique Peña Nieto’s visit to France, this trip will provide an opportunity for Matthias Fekl to work on strengthening our bilateral relations with the ministers of (...)

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French cuisine – Launch of the wine tourism portal (09.02.16)

Photos : B. Chapiron / MAEDI Photos : B. Chapiron / MAEDI Photos : B. Chapiron / MAEDI (...)

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Les autres actualités de la semaine :

Nigeria – Attacks in Dikwa (09.02.16)

We extend our condolences to the victims’ families. France reaffirms its support for the countries of the region in the fight against terrorism.

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Mali – Death of three soldiers following a land mine explosion (09.02.16)

France stands alongside the Malian authorities and people in their efforts to promote lasting stability and security in Mali.

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Cameroon – Attacks in Nguétchéwé (10.02.16)

We extend our condolences to their families. France reaffirms its solidarity and support for the Cameroonian authorities and people engaged, alongside the other countries of the Lake Chad Basin, (...)

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Climate – Meeting between Laurent Fabius and Christiana Figueres (10.02.16)

Photo : F. de La Mure / MAEDI This meeting, on the eve of the meeting in Paris of the Office of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, provided an opportunity to review the (...)

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Development – Annick Girardin’s participation in the meeting of the National Council for Development and International Solidarity (09.02.16)

The first meeting this year of French development actors will bring together representatives of communities, Parliament, NGOs, trade unions, businesses and the research sector. It will primarily (...)

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European Union - Laurent Fabius’s participation in a meeting of the States Signatories to the Rome Statute (09.02.16)

This meeting will provide an opportunity to start preparing for the 60th anniversary of this event, in collaboration with all member states, and to discuss current (...)

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Germany –Rail accident in Bavaria (09.02.16)

We offer our condolences to the victims’ loved ones. France assures the German authorities of its full support in this tragedy.

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Democratic Republic of Congo – Deadly clashes in North Kivu (07.02.16)

These events serve as a reminder of how fragile the security situation remains in that country, and call for a robust, coordinated response by the security forces deployed in the region. The (...)

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European Union – Climate – Harlem Désir’s visit to Gironde (08.02.16)

The photovoltaic facility in Cestas, the largest in Europe, was inaugurated in 2015; it helps achieve the energy transition objectives. It received a €56 million loan from the European Investment (...)

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Morocco – Culture – Death of playwright Tayeb Saddiki (05.02.16)

Tayeb Saddiki was one of the greatest figures in theater in Morocco and in the Arab world. The author of more than 80 original plays and adaptations, and an immensely talented director, he (...)

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Climate – Speech by Laurent Fabius to MEDEF (Movement of French Enterprises) (08.02.16)

Photo : F. de La Mure / MAEDI Photo : F. de La Mure / MAEDI Photo : F. de La Mure / MAEDI (...)

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Development – Solidarity – Annick Girardin brings together French NGOs (08.02.16)

She will notably discuss with field officers the situation of child refugees in the camps around Syria. This meeting will also provide an opportunity to prepare for the World Humanitarian Summit (...)

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