Economic relations

France and Luxembourg enjoy long-standing and concentrated economic relations. France is one of the leading investors in Luxembourg (depending on the source, the ranks differ) its third-leading customer and its fourth-leading supplier. There are approximately 120 French subsidiaries or companies with French holdings in Luxembourg, primarily in the banking and insurance sectors. There is also very strong potential in the area of industrial and technological cooperation, in particular in the field of space and transport.

Concerning the future East European TGV (high-speed train), which became operational on 10 June 2007 (placing Luxembourg 2 hours and 10 minutes from Paris, compared with 3 hours and 45 minutes previously), Luxembourg has carried out construction work on its territory and contributed €117M to the French share (out of a total of €3.13B), subject to certain conditions (connecting Luxembourg to the network and guaranteeing the frequency of links).

At the same time, the Perpignan-Luxembourg rail-road service, which became operational on 10 September 2007, makes it possible to transport 30,000 trucks each year, saving 80% of CO2 compared with the road route. This 1050-km route is the longest in Europe.

Updated on 28.06.10