At airports

Protection and security

puceoupas At airports
puceoupas Acquisition, possession and carriage of firearms
puceoupas Emphasis on protection

At airports

Airport passes for access to restricted areas are used to welcome personalities or to accompany diplomatic or consular bags. They can be issued by the public company Aéroports de Paris to certain collaborators designated by Missions.

Airport passes give access to one or several of the four secure areas that are part of airport restricted areas:

puceoupas Sector A (aircraft): parking area
puceoupas Sector B (baggage): sorting, command and storage areas for outbound and connecting baggage
puceoupas Sector P (passengers): area for passenger waiting and movement between the security screening points and the aircraft gate
puceoupas Sector F (freight): outbound freight packaging and storage area

Airport passes must be worn in a clearly visible manner in restricted areas.

Local airport passes are valid for the duration of the functions of the person concerned.

Airport passes should be collected directly from Aéroports de Paris either personally or by giving power of attorney to a third party (usher, chauffeur, etc.). Airport passes are issued by and following approval of Protocol Department. Airport pass applications should be accompanied by the following documentation:

puceoupas 1 recent fullface passport-size colour photograph
puceoupas 1 photocopy of your passport and special residence permit
puceoupas original of the certificate of completion of the security awareness course, for a first application.


puceoupas for a renewal of the airport pass: 1 photocopy of both sides of the no longer valid airport pass
puceoupas in case of loss of the airport pass: the original of notification of loss to the border police.

The aim of security inspections is to detect the presence of firearms, explosive devices or any other objects liable to jeopardize flight security and safety.

puceoupas Passengers benefiting from diplomatic status must therefore submit to luggage inspection / security checks (*) before boarding.

Should it prove necessary to search hand luggage manually once it has been checked by means of an automatic control device, the search will have to be carried out by a senior police officer or by a police officer under his command. Passengers who refuse to have their hand luggage searched will not be allowed to board the aircraft.

puceoupas The captain of an aircraft is in any case free to disembark anyone or part of the load liable to jeopardize the security of the aircraft and of its passengers.

For further information please contact Aéroports de Paris, 291 boulevard Raspail 75675 Paris Cedex 14 - Telephone: 01 43 35 70 00

Updated : July 2012