Promoting multilingualism at the international level

In Europe

The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs has drawn up a specific programme to promote multilingualism and French in Europe, focusing on two key policies:

puceoupas a policy of promoting French to European bodies: the Multiannual Action Plan for French in the European Union
puceoupas a policy of promoting multilingualism and French in European education systems.

MAE policy on promoting multilingualism and French in European education systems is based on:

puceoupas a plan to reinforce multilingualism in the European Union designed to support France’s partners in the introduction of a second modern language during the period of compulsory education and in the consolidation of bilingual French teaching systems in secondary and higher education;
puceoupas the introduction of French certification schemes such as the Diplôme d’Etude de Langue Française (DELF for schools) in European Union countries;

training for teachers of and in French, particularly in the use of ICT in education and emphasising the role of French as a language of Europe.