Meeting between Laurent Fabius and his malian counterpart Tieman Coulibaly (Q&A - Excerpt from the daily press briefing - December 17, 2012)

Q : Did the minister receive his Malian counterpart this morning? What was the main thrust of the discussions? Do we now have a date for the presentation of the resolution on Mali at the UNSC?

Laurent Fabius did indeed receive his Malian counterpart, Tieman Coulibaly, December 17 .

The meeting focused on the latest developments regarding the situation in Mali:

puceoupas the formation of the new government and the consolidation of the political situation in Bamako;

puceoupas the prospects for political dialogue with the non-terrorist rebel groups and the representatives of civil society in northern Mali;

puceoupas the forthcoming vote on a UN resolution. Mr. Coulibaly will shortly go to New York in this connection;

puceoupas the efforts under way with our European partners in Brussels to deploy a European operation to train the Malian army.

Laurent Fabius placed particular emphasis on the need to ensure civilian authority over the army.