Hurricane Sandy (November 6, 2012)

France immediately mobilized its efforts to help the people affected by this tropical storm, whose impact is still being assessed. Many people died, tens of thousands of houses, schools and health centers were destroyed and more than 2 million people were directly affected in this region.

France immediately organized emergency aid of around €220,000 for 3 countries. Haiti, Cuba and Jamaica.

France is especially mindful of the situation of the Haitian people affected by serious flooding which has left more than 50 people dead and damaged more than 20,000 homes. Haiti faces the threat of a serious food crisis.

In response to the appeal made by the Haitian authorities, France immediately provided €100,000 for the rehabilitation of homes to the farming communities worst hit by this storm. A bridge on the country’s main highway collapsed. French budgetary aid will therefore be provided in order to begin work on a new bridge. The cost of this operation is put at approximately €600,000 and it should be completed in less than three months.

Furthermore, Haiti will benefit this year from 2.5 million in French food aid and additional resources could be swiftly made available if necessary.

Lastly, as a follow-up to these emergency measures, France is preparing to provide additional assistance of €8 million in order to respond to the request by local authorities to strengthen the School Canteen Program. This program will help provide food and schooling to Haitian children and falls within the framework of a partnership established during the visit by the minister delegate for development on October 24.

With respect to Cuba, we are lending support, through emergency aid of €70,000, to the local NGOs in their efforts to provide community-based assistance to the city of Santiago de Cuba which was severely affected by the hurricane.

In Jamaica – again with respect to emergency humanitarian assistance - we are supporting efforts to drain water from health facilities, combat the spread of dengue fever and restore the schools affected by the tropical storm.