Mauritania/ Libya – Mr. Abdullah al-Senussi (Q&A - Excerpt from the daily press briefing - september 6, 2012)

Are you disappointed by the Mauritanian authorities’ decision to hand over Abdullah al-Senussi, Libya’s former chief of intelligence, to Libya rather than to France where he is also wanted?

It’s up to the Mauritanian authorities to give a ruling on three requests made by France, Libya and the International Criminal Court for the extradition or the handing over of Mr. al-Senussi. The Mauritanian authorities have made a sovereign decision to agree to the extradition request made by Libya.

France takes note of this decision. It had submitted to the Mauritanian authorities a request for the extradition of Abdullah al-Senussi, convicted in absentia to life imprisonment on March 10, 1999, for his involvement in the attack against flight UTA 772 in 1989.

We reaffirm our inviolable support for the victims of terrorism who are so cruelly targeted on national territory and outside the territory of the French Republic. Regardless of the outcome of our request for the extradition of Abdullah al-Senussi, the rights of the families of the victims of the attack against flight UTA 772 must be recognized.

France takes note of the statement issued by the Libyan prime minister in which he pledged to ensure that Abdullah al-Senussi and the other former Qaddafi-era leaders will get a fair trial in accordance with international standards.