Visit to France by Mr. Michel Suleiman, President of Lebanon (July 12, 2012)

Mr. Michel Suleiman, President of Lebanon, will conduct a working visit to France on July 12. He will be received by President Hollande for a working dinner, which will also be attended by Mr. Jean-Yves Le Drian, Minister of Defense.

During the day, Mr. Suleiman will meet with the Presidents of the National Assembly and the Senate.

Mr. Suleiman’s visit – the first by a Lebanese leader since President Hollande’s inauguration and the appointment of the government - will provide an opportunity to reaffirm the deep ties of friendship between France and Lebanon, as well as to address the major regional issues.

The working dinner with President Hollande will also provide an opportunity for an in-depth exchange of views on the grave crisis in Syria and its worrying implications for the region.

President Hollande will reaffirm to President Suleiman the importance that France attaches to Lebanon’s stability and security in the face of this crisis. He will reaffirm France’s support for President Suleiman’s initiative aimed at establishing national dialogue in Lebanon.

Lastly, during these discussions, President Hollande will reaffirm France’s support for UNIFIL.