Turkey – Syria – Syrian refugees (April 6, 2012)

The increasing flow of Syrian refugees toward neighboring countries, and especially Turkey, on top of the large number of displaced persons [already] in that country, illustrates the gravity of the situation. France is grateful to those neighbors of Syria that opened their borders, and particularly Turkey, which also provided humanitarian assistance. It notes that the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees itself expressed concern over the situation’s deterioration.

As stated in the conclusions of the Friends of Syria Group’s conference in Istanbul, France is aware of the difficulties facing Syria’s neighbors in managing refugee flows. We want to reaffirm our solidarity for Turkey as it confronts this tragic humanitarian situation.

These large movements of refugees are a direct result of the Syrian authorities’ continued use of violence, and particular that of heavy weapons in cities, with tragic humanitarian consequences. In the current situation, it is vital to guarantee real humanitarian access in Syria in order to help the civilian population. It is in this urgent context that the Syrian authorities are implementing Kofi Annan’s plan, which they claim to have accepted and which guarantees free and unrestricted humanitarian access to civilian populations.