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Negotiations on the Arms Trade Treaty - ATT (August 1, 2012)

Negotiations on the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) ended without reaching an agreement. France is not resigned to this situation. Together with its partners, it will continue its determined efforts to finalize an ambitious text.

The international community’s efforts to regulate the global arms trade, a necessary endeavor, must continue. The UN General Assembly, which has received the report from the Conference’s president, must follow up on this process.

The efforts made in recent weeks were not in vain. The text of July 26 must be considered the basis for negotiations whose accomplishments must be preserved.

Indeed, the negotiating conference’s work made it possible to draft a text whose key elements France remains prepared to support: its goals and objectives, the range of equipment covered, the parameters and means of implementation. This text was not perfect. As we said, we would have liked to see more robust, clearer language on munitions and technologies.



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